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Filing an insurance claim following damage to your car, burglary, theft, or loss of property can be smooth with preparation and knowledge on what to do. Here are five tips to help you file an insurance claim successfully.

  1. Report to the nearest police station

If your claim involves a car accident, burglary or loss of property, contact the police immediately and inform them of the incident. Ensure you obtain a police abstract which will be important in the claim process.

  1. Document any damages

In the event that there is damage, take time to properly document the details of the damages. This involves taking photos or videos of the scene of the incident. If this is not possible, make a list of damaged items including a brief description of the damage.  In the case of car accident claims, take photos or videos before you move your car if you are in a position to do so without endangering yourself or others.

In the case of property damage claims, document the damage before cleaning up any mess. This evidence will help support your insurance claim.

  1. Inform your insurance company as soon as possible

After an incident resulting in damage or loss of property, you should immediately contact your insurance company or agent. Be prepared to give basic information on what has happened such as date, location of the incident and a description of what happened. This will allow the insurance company to gather information for adoption in their claims assessment process.

Make sure that you have all of the information regarding the incident including the date of accident, damage or loss of property, the police abstract if applicable, receipts for damaged personal property and any other documentation that you plan to use as proof. You can contact CIC Group through 0703099120 or 0202823000 and we will carefully walk you through the claim process.

  1. Get the claim form from your insurer

Many insurance companies allow you to file certain claims online by downloading the form from your insurer’s website. After filling the insurance claim form, send it to your insurer for processing. For larger claims, contact your agent or your insurance company. It is important to note that the more documentation you have to support your claim, the faster your claim can be processed.

  1. Cooperate with the insurance company’s investigation

Depending on the nature of the claim, the insurer may engage the services of an investigator or loss adjuster. It is important to be open and honest about the exact circumstances of the incident. This will help to facilitate smooth handling of the claim. Wrong or missing information could lead to your claim being delayed or worse still, denied.

Sometimes the claim process can be stressful, but not with us. Our experienced staff will guide you through the process to the end. To file a claim with us follow this link At CIC, we keep our word.

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