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Learning essential terms in the world of motor insurance not only helps you pick the right motor insurance policy but also ensures you get the best benefits that suit your needs.

In this article, we have listed 10 most common motor insurance terms in which by understanding their meanings will make a difference when purchasing a policy.


Also referred to as riders, these are additional benefits that you can purchase to enhance your coverage on your motor cover. They are bought back at a fee to be incorporated in the motor insurance cover.

Bodily Injury Liability Coverage

This refers to a car insurance coverage that pays medical bills for pedestrians or other drivers involved in a motor accident that is caused by the insured person.

Certificate of insurance

This is a document issued by an insurance company to confirm the existence of an insurance coverage granted to an individual. The document summarizes the key aspects and conditions of the policy. The same should be displayed on the windscreen as a requirement by law


This refers to a request made by an insured party for the insurance company to cover losses that have been incurred due to an accident or any other incident covered under the motor insurance cover.

Comprehensive cover

This is an insurance cover protects the insured against loss or damage caused to their car as well as loss, damage and injury caused to other parties and their property.

Courtesy Car

A car that is lent to a client while the car he/she insured is undergoing approved accidental repairs. The courtesy car is given for a defined number of days.


This refers to the compensation the insurer provides to the insured for damage, injury or loss incurred.

Personal Accident cover

This is an essential cover for individuals to safeguard the insured from accidental disabilities and death. It can also be bought as a stand-alone cover.

Territorial Limits

Also known as geographical limits, these are the specific areas or locations set by the insurance company, where coverage is valid or excluded. The insurer will not be able to pay for compensation in case the location is not included in the specified geographical limit.


This refers to when a vehicle is damaged beyond repair or so badly damaged to the point that it is no longer roadworthy.

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