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It is important to choose the right kind of motor insurance cover and one that will suit you and your needs better. There are primarily two main types of car insurance covers namely comprehensive car insurance and third party car insurance. In this article, we are going to look into the benefits of comprehensive car insurance.

Comprehensive car insurance is one of the most preferred types of car insurance covers. It covers loss or damage caused to your car as well as loss, damage and injury caused to other parties and their property.

Benefits of comprehensive car insurance

  1. Covers your car against accidental damage

The primary benefit of this cover is that you do not have to pay for accidental damage to your car. The cover protects your car from unfortunate damages and losses.

  1. Includes third party liabilities

Another benefit of this cover is that it not only protects your car, it also covers loss, damages or injury caused to the third party.

  1. Compensates you in case of car theft

Comprehensive car insurance can help you in the case of theft of the vehicle or vandalism of parts.

  1. You can enhance your cover

Comprehensive car insurance cover usually has the option of enhancing it to include additional coverage that your car can receive from this insurance cover. This ensures that you have a broader cover for a wider range of risks. One of these add-ons may include courtesy car among others.

  1. Breakdown assistance

Breakdown assistance is one of the benefits available in comprehensive car insurance. So whether you are stuck midway or having a breakdown on the road, you can easily make a call and request for breakdown assistance without it counting as a claim.

What a comprehensive insurance does not cover

  • It does not cover for damages caused due to normal aging or your car wearing out.
  • It cannot protect your car from depreciating in value overtime.
  • The policy does not cover for accidents and damages on cars that are caused by driving under the influence of alcohol.

It is important to read your policy document carefully at policy inception and seek clarity on your area of concerns. For any enquiries about car insurance, CIC Group has experts ready to assist. Feel free to call us on 0703099120 or visit

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