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Buying a car is a huge investment. Probably one of your most expensive valuables hence the need to maintain it to ensure its reliability and prevent breakdowns that might cost you.

Here are 10 car maintenance tips that might save you:

  1. Check car fluids

Fluids are critical in the running of a car’s important components. There is need of checking the levels of the car fluids, if topping up is required. Here are the uses of the car fluids that you need to know:

  • The car engine oil – lubricates the metal in the engine.
  • Transmission fluid – keeps moving parts of a car lubricated and functioning properly.
  • Coolant – protects your engine from overheating
  • Brake fluid – allows force to be applied to the brakes to allow your vehicle to slow down and stop.
  • Steering fluid – its purpose is to make steering easier.
  1. Take care of your tires

Tires are a car’s most important safety feature, checking them regularly to make sure they are not over inflated or under inflated will keep you safe while driving and will also prolong the life of your tires.

  1. Clean your car engine

A clean engine will help you identify problem’s that can affect your car’s performance. Cleaning your engine can also prevent dirt and debris from damaging your engine. It is advisable to have your engine professionally steam cleaned rather than doing it yourself just to avoid tampering with sensitive components of your engine.

  1. Ensure brakes, belts and batteries are in good condition

When it comes to your safety, the most important thing to check is the braking system of your car. Note that a faulty braking system, if not checked and repaired, might cause a road accident. When your car produces squeaking and squealing sound, it indicates that you need to get your car braking system checked.

Seat belts are also a vital component of your car. If they are to be repaired or replaced, make sure it is done appropriately. Keeping the car seat belts in good condition is as important as checking your car braking system.

Is your car battery in good condition? If not, the problem can be poor connection and excessive corrosion that has built up on the battery posts. You need to contact a mechanic who will apply anti-corrosion spray to prevent any further build up on the battery posts. Your car battery terminal has to be cleaned and the corrosion to be removed.

  1. Avoid driving over potholes and rough tracks

Driving over potholes can easily destroy the car’s suspension, tires and exhaust. The hard edges found on poorly – maintained roads can damage your tires. When driving over crater-like holes, suspension can become misaligned and shocks damaged.

  1. Maintain body of your car

Good appearances are appreciated. You therefore need to maintain the exterior of your car. If you want your car value to be maintained for a longer period, it has to be washed and waxed regularly.  Washing your car keeps it clean, shiny and free from corrosion and waxing it regularly protects your car’s paint job by slowing oxidation.

  1. Check your spark plugs

Spark plugs are fairly easy to locate. They are attached to thick rubbery wires. Their function is to deliver electric currents by creating a spark in order to ignite the engine. If your engine is giving you trouble, one of the common reasons is the sparks plugs and they need to be checked by a mechanic.

  1. Clean the interior of your car

It is equally important to take care of the inside of your car. Get into the habit of regularly cleaning the interior because dust and dirt particles can cause wear and tear of interior surfaces such as your dashboard. A clean interior will also reduce your stress and make the driving experience more enjoyable.

  1. Windshield/ windscreen maintenance

Keeping your windshield clean, both inside and out, will reduce accumulation of dust and dirt thus ensuring you can see the road clearly and avoid any potential hazards.

  1. Select a reliable car insurer

No matter how careful you are, accidents or damages are unfortunately inevitable. In this case, you need to have a car insurer you can trust. Choose a car insurer who replaces damaged parts only with original parts from the manufacturer and who can give you guarantees on repairs.

These are just but a few car maintenance tips that will help you reduce the chances of any loss or damage to your car and save you from paying large amounts of money for repair damages.

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