Claims Centre

1. Motor
• Claim form
• Original police abstract
• Copy of the diving licence for the person driving the vehicle during the accident
• Policy excess
• Assessor’s report

2. Non Motor

• Claim form
• Original medical expenses receipts
• Pay slips for 3 months prior to the accident(for employees only)
• Police Abstract if injuries are due to an road traffic accident or assault
• Death certificate in case of fatal accident

• Forms LD 104, 105,180
• Agreement between the employer and employee
• Pay slip for 3 months prior to the accident
• Police Abstract
• Death certificate where applicable
• Original medical expenses receipts

• Claim form
• Police abstract
• Replacement quotation
• Witness statement
• Adjustment report

Provide all relevant information i.e. Name of the client,date of loss, nature of loss, registration number and the garage if it’s a motor vehicle, third party involved if any, etc
Register the claim in our AIMS Systems and open a physical file.

All new claims notified must be acknowledged within two (2) working days asking for the relevant document depending on the nature of claim.

Assessor / adjuster will be instructed within a day of notification as long as the claim is valid.

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