Guarantee Fund


We save funds now for a better future for ourselves/spouses or dependents after our retirement. You and your family will have a guarantee of a fully catered for life after retirement, the funds (pension) saved are drawn in the form of periodic payments. The policy also offers an additional insurance advantage paying benefits to disabled beneficiaries. Occupational (Employer sponsored), Individual Pension Plans & Umbrella Funds are also supported.

Its main features are;

  • Investment return is in the form of an attractive minimum guaranteed rate of return. Our minimum return is a guaranteed rate at 5% p.a (2015)
  • CIC Life bears all the investments risks, makes all the investment decisions and also engages an Actuary to advice on the adequate reserve fund.
  • CIC Life (approved issuer) also engages the services of a professional fund manager to advice on the investment performance from time to time.
  • Investing through a guarantee fund ensures that the capital value of contributions is guaranteed and investment performance is smoothened over time.
  • Benefits accrue due to economies of scale earned by pooling funds from all the schemes on board;