CIC Lady Auto

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Every lady deserves that special treatment and at CIC, we have a product designed just for the lady and her nuclear family. With cases of carjacking on the rise, women can be assured of getting compensation for whatever valuable that gets stolen from their insured cars.
This policy provides benefits such as:

  • Courtesy Car
    Maximum of 24 days subject to an excess of the first three days
  • Personal Accident Cover
    A shared Personal Accident cover for the nuclear family as a result of incidences involving the insured motor vehicle with the following benefits:
  • A shared last expense cover for the nuclear family of Kshs. 100,000 as a result of incidences involving the insured motor vehicle.
  • A personal Accident cover for one indoor employee whilst travelling in the insured motor vehicle with the following benefits.
  • Trauma Counseling for persons involved in any incident• Reimbursement of third party medical expenses incurred up to maximum Ksh 50,000/-
  • Replacement of Lost Car Keys following partial theft Up to a maximum of Ksh 5000/-
  • Forced ATM Withdrawal Maximum Limit Ksh 15 000/-
  • 24hr roadside assistance services countrywide and defensive driving and road safety seminars for AA Kenya members.


Amref Maisha Members are covered with the following benefits;

  • Two emergency evacuation flights per valid subscription period*
  • Two ground ambulance transfers per valid subscription period within Kenya*
  • Direct access to our 24-hour Control Centre for medical advice
  • Direct access to the air ambulance provider, no third party.