CIC Fixed Income Fund


The CIC Fixed Income Fund is moderate to medium risk fund which invests in a well-diversified portfolio of bonds issued by the Kenyan government and corporations. The fund is suitable for investors seeking a reasonable level of current income and a steady growth of their capital.

Returns on the Fixed Income Fund.

Returns consist of interest from the bonds reinvested quarterly. It is recommended that the income be reinvested into the fund so as to maximize investment returns through compounded growth. It is recommended that the funds be invested for at least 2 years to 3 years to get a good return.


  • Minimum investment amount is Kshs. 5,000. Minimum additional amount is Kshs. 1,000.
  • 5% initial fees are charged on the Fixed Income fund
  • Access to your money is when required with a short notice of 2 – 4 working days.
  • Monthly statement is sent.



Past performance should not be used as a guide to future investment performance. The prices of the CIC Fixed Income Fund may change on a daily basis.

  • Price of units can go up as well as down as a result of changes in the value of the underlying investments.

There are no guarantees on the clients’ capital as the performance of units and interest-bearing investments in the underlying unit trust determines the value of your unit trust investment.