CIC Dollar Fund


Who should invest?

Investors who are seeking;

  • Capital preservation whilst not seeking long-term capital growth.
  • A high degree of capital stability and with a risk neutral appetite.
  • Currency diversification.

Key Benefits

Liquidity: The client is able to withdraw their funds at short notice with no penalty fees.

Flexibility: The client is able to switch or transfer funds to another fund that he/she may have with CICAM.

Security: The fund invests in government paper and liquid instruments.

Competitive Returns: Interest is calculated daily and credited at the end of each month. As an institutional client, the fund benefits from placing deposits in large sums and as such is able to negotiate for competitive rates.

Professional fund management: prospective investors benefit from the expertise of our seasoned professionals.


The value of units may go down as well as up and past performance is not necessarily a guide to the future. There are no guarantees on the client’s capital as the performance of units in the fund is determined by changes in the value of underlying investments hence value of your unit trust investment.