CIC Medisure – Family

CIC Medisure – Family


The CIC Medisure Family Health plan is an in-patient medical insurance policy designed with the objective of meeting prevalent medical needs for individual persons and their nuclear family members. The Policy offers a flexible, comprehensive and affordable in-patient medical over tailored to provide adequate protection against a wide range of hospitalization expenses arising from both illness and accident, including chronic conditions and HIV/AIDS related illnesses.

The policy holder and his/her declared nuclear family members share the annual cover limit whereby all the medical expenses of the family are paid out of a shared cover limit on a first come basis until the limit is exhausted. This shared benefit option enables 100% access to the cover by any insured member of the family who may need it.

The policy is presented in six cover packages:

The Policy Limits range from Ksh 300,000 to Ksh 5,000,000 as per the list below.

1.  5,000,000    CIC Prestige

2.  3,500,000    CIC Premier

3.  2,000,000    CIC Superior

4.  1,000,000    CIC Comprehensive

5.  500,000       CIC Standard

6.  300,000       CIC Essential 

Main Benefits

* Hospital bed accommodation (minus NHIF rebate amount)

* Pre-existing conditions are declared and accepted

* Health check-ups for member and spouse

* Major organ transplant excluding cost of securing the organ

* In-patient prescribed physiotherapy, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, nursing care, prescribed drugs/medicine, dressing and diagnostic tests.

* Non-accident maxillofacial and ophthalmologic, dental surgery subject to authorization

* Day care surgery

* Resident mother or guardian cost

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