CIC Jipange Pension Plan

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A smart present equals a smart future, we all work towards a future that’s peaceful and comfortable after retirement and thanks to CIC Jipange Pension Plan financial stability is guaranteed. Employees who need to sustain their lifestyles need to save with this policy by making regular contributions into the CIC Jipange Fund. The earnings on this fund will then generate income upon retirement.

The policy will guarantee;

  • Contribution into a pension fund which is already registered with IRA, KRA and RBA
    (No need to set up/ register a separate pension fund)
  • A minimum return of 5%
  • Competitive returns
  • Tax exemption of pension contributions since the fund is registered with KRA
  • Reduced costs due to economies of scale and consolidation of services (administration, fund management, trusteeship and custody)

Opting out of Tier 11 contribution once the NSSF Act becomes operational